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Injustice happens every day. Our legal system is an impersonal institution often more concerned with efficiency than justice. Until you or a loved one has been touched by criminal charges or a conviction, it is impossible to understand the disadvantage the criminally accused face in our country. “Innocent until proven guilty” is a presumption that is more aspirational than currently real. Instead, those facing charges begin the legal process with humiliation and fear during the arrest, followed by uncertainty, maybe the loss of employment, and possibly the loss of support from those they are closest to.

I defend the criminally accused. I am often asked “how do you represent those people?” The answer is simple; I do this work because I am inspired and humbled by my clients. I have seen people show their vulnerability, their authenticity, their fear, their hope, and unparalleled bravery. I am honored to serve those people. But for a twist of fate, those people are our father or mother or wife or husband or brother or sister or daughter or son or any of us.

If you are facing criminal charges or you find yourself or a loved one imprisoned after an unfair trial, please call to set up an initial consultation. There is no charge for this initial meeting because it is used to determine whether we are a good fit for each other. I do not take every case because of the extensive time and effort necessary to properly prepare and defend each case. I work my hardest to make certain that the promises and protections of our Constitution are a reality because the stakes are too high to leave any stone unturned.